Charitable giving

In 2019, we were lucky enough to adopt Willow from a local pug charity. Whilst it broke our hearts to know she had a tough first year, we were able to help her gain weight, stop food growling, grow her confidence and overcome some of her anxieties. We have worked together over the years and whilst some fears we can’t quite shake, she is still scared of stairs and bridges, she is now the leader of our little pug pack.

We absolutely love that we’ve given her a loving and fun home to grow.


Our menagerie then expanded when we homed three stray kittens. We first took in Mary who was previously feral, fearful of humans and managed to survive alone in the British winter. Then Minnie and Olive were handed over to our family in a bucket in the cold at just a few days old. They were hand reared and are now firmly settled into the Neon Moon gang (although, don’t break the news to Olive and Minnie that they’re not dogs). 

We have chosen to donate £1 from every item sold to Carla Lane Animals in Need in Liverpool. Carla Lane is an Animal Rescue Centre that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes dogs, cats and other animals. Every £1 donated will enable them to continue helping cats and dogs needing shelter, love and care.